Bloom Technologies is a versatile institution taking on all kinds of IT Oriented tasks and executing it all to the point of perfection. Bloom Technologists themselves divide and take many processes simultaneously and get it accomplished within the stipulated duration.


We at Bloom Technologies understand that success in custom software development comes from thorough analysis and specification, a well-established development process, knowledge of the latest technologies, expert management, effective communication, and full-cycle quality assurance. Here are the main points of our software development policy Requirements Analysis - Detailed requirements analysis and a comprehensive specification are the basis for the success of the whole software development project. With thorough understanding of your requirement, we proceed to design and develop a system that you really need and the one that can make your work more efficient.       Show More


Bloom Technologies has a professional web development and Web designing patterns that prides itself on supplying visually stunning custom web page design that helps your on-line business work well. We are proud to cater to client not just all over India but also to foreign clients worldwide including US and UK with our Excellent Designing skills.        Show More


BloomTechnologies have recorded framing Big ERP solutions to Manufacturing Companies, famous Textile Industries, Fleet management System, Residential Schools, Universities. We convince our clients and customers to a distinct extent providing end to end solutions for their make and needs where our clients refer our work quality to many which remain secret to our success.        Show More


Bloom Technologies make use of the latest technology in science of RFID (Radio frequency Identification) in its applications on client requirements. Bloomtechnologies deals with both HF to the latest UHF technology in RFID Readers and Tags and have integrated RFID components and equipments in its developed softwares and have installed them as automation programs in Libraries, Universities, colleges and in Schools and stock readers for inventory count in industries, factories and in warehouse applications,RFID Security Gates are placed wherever necessary for theft protection. Bloom Technologies has a specialised knowledge in the field of RFID Tagging and Tracking and customising with existing softwares on client needs to curtail expensive and time consuming manual activities.

Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that uses electronic transponders to track shipments and automatically capture data about the shipments, then provides real-time information about goods and shipments. RFID integration takes the information captured from the RFID tags and integrates it with systems for analysis and tracking. While RFID is in the early adoption stage, the real-time information it provides has the potential to significantly alter how processes occur and how companies operate. Therefore, we expect RFID integration to become very important to companies who manufacture, ship,sell goods and maintain a significant number of stocks


BloomTechnologies has also specialised in the field of Mobile Technology. We have developed mobile applications iPhone/ipad/Android and have submitted in the respective AppStore. We created lot of tools for reading the data from CRM or third party software and posting their transactions into QuickBooks accounting softwares.while developing ERP solutions We have developed mobile application with certain certain significant functionalities of the ERP software on customers interest and choices for their easy and remote access to their running software program


BloomTechnologies provides its clients a clean sheet of accounts managing Software programs either individually or integrated with the kind of ERP solutions Bloom has developed for its clients. We putforth an elegant blend of payroll and accountancy functionalities when constructing an Accounts software program to the related businesses of our Clients.       Show More