Our Measures

Bloom Technologies works for its Client side Satisfaction with a premium Quality, Bloom would be very prompt on its Turn around time, its caliber would speak for its efficacy, and Bloom makes a tidy Presentation and is Punctual and is Confidential on good Understanding. Our team of consultants is dedicated to help your company to successfully achieve its business goals in today's dynamic environment We perform Comprehensive Bug Management system then simple, quick usability testing between User interface iterations to support rapid execution and revision of the prototypes. We process effectively to accommodate.

The needs of our organization during the various stages of its vision path are well recognized, understood and implemented. Executing this would require a good architecture, technology and applications that are secure, scalable and reliable. We do concentrate on group collaboration, data availability, data consolidation, individual productivity and functional discipline to make possible speedy access to resources enabling a perfect workflow so we are built in with high capability, resistance, adaptability and trustworthiness.


Our Motto is to satisfy our client. We are not a Rigid-rule-framed company in which most of the time the clients have to change or adopt themselves, but rather, we work to their requirements. We have introduced and improved upon best-of-the breed industry practices and standards and thereby improved our delivery capability. Focus on quality has led to lower costs and improved efficiency within the organization. This has resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat businesses.


The fact that every client is time oriented and that they demand punctuality is something that we have conceived in the process of working everywhere. We have pledged ourselves to make time the prior thing when it comes to delivering the drafts and keeping our promises.

The production managers are always alert, frequently checking and communicating with clients on online on development basis, thus creating a feel of being at the same venue. The Demands of clients are taken immediately. We accept general turn-around-time in accordance with the nature of project, but it all depends on the needs of our clients. Their wishes are our command, as said before customer satisfaction is our main motto.


Our Quality Improvement Program is based on the business needs, technology changes, customer feedback, suggestions and process performance. We have also undertaken various initiatives such as Defect Prevention Program, automation of processes and introduction of new and deletion of old tools. We have instituted processes that enable transition to new technologies and enable continuous process improvement speaks for the significance of our quality we deliver, also our curiosity in the subject makes are quality strikingly different and far too excellent


The workface comprises of diligent graduates, ready to challenge the heights of hard work. The quality control team comprises of well-experienced graduates. The outstanding fact is that it is not just the living science graduates who find it feasible to work out this field. But actually, graduates from diverse fields are more pleased and satisfied in this job. "We believe in interdependency and this is one enjoyable field which seconds our belief." They are dedicated to this cute field that satisfies them very much.


We ensure confidentiality at every step. All the work is done on site and under the supervision of competent production managers and of course the directors of the Company. We assure complete confidentiality of data from our site. Information Security management has become one of the important areas of concern for organizations. Stringent information security measures are in place very clear to ensure business continuity and reduce business damage by preventing and minimizing the impact of security incidents. A globally recognized information security standard used to identify, manage and reduce the range of threats to which information is subjected. The standard provides guidelines and directions to safeguard organizational assets and emphasizes continuous improvement for information