Our Library management system software is a creatively designed work under a computerised setup that maintain and monitors all the daily chores of a library. This program has many thoughtfully well picked unique features which comprises of significant online functionality options not usually found in other common LMS softwares.
Our software helps in Exact cataloguing on every division of a book. It also deploys different criteria for searching a book and easy ways to acquire the status of any particular book. Relevant printed receipts are issued eventually, Over Due charges are automatically calculated and issued for delayed book returns, right alerts sent at right time,minimising the book return defaults and damages occurring ultimately reducing the cost of Library management in a large scale
Main Objective
The core motive of our software is to build a friendly environment benefiting both the providers and the end users by making the existing system efficient and waiving off that extra workload from the librarian and its staffs improving the functioning and performance of the library even more faster.
  • Minimal system administrations.
  • Optimises library procedures and operations
  • Enhances the presentation of the library
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Being cost effective and time saving, the library efficiency increases
  • User friendly interface.
  • Easier Access
  • Improved Cataloging
  • Streamlined technical services.
  • Automation feature integrated.
  • Keeps record on Books, Journals, old question papers, Magazines, profiles, project reports etc.
  • Different criteria for searching a book.
  • Barcode printer friendly.
  • Extensive web OPAC for online search of information.
  • Access to free e-journals and e-books from its Web interface.
  • Easy cataloguing with name, Author,Date of publication, Publisher, Book cost, purchase date and its Bill no.
  • Users can find their needed resources from quality bibliographic cataloguing
  • Existing smart card can register time-in & time-out events
  • Regular software updates enables high performance
  • Borrower communication provided through a range of channels
Automation is a method of making ready the existing collection of a library to become sustainable with the ever-increasing shift to the technology-based society, in terms of information dissemination along with the ever-decreasing amount of funding for libraries and helping them to be more flexible when it comes to increase in any kind of a relative demand
Book Vendor Management
The book vendor management is an interesting and important feature that facilitates the librarian to have a check on with book availability with the book vendors and ordering the required books online and paying bills to the book seller after purchase from an existing functionality inside LMS.Delivers books directly to the required branch ensures stock really is shelf-ready.
Library Automation
Self Checkout
Self-checkout kiosk is the desk where user/customer themselves borrow or renew books, check their due amount and all details regarding their book dealings. This desk aids the user to checkout in an automated way.
Security Gates
Anti-Theft Security Gates are placed in the entrance of the library hall to detect books moving out with no entry or wrong entries alarming the library staffs. On librarian preference to gates or three gates (way in &way out) can also be provided
Book Drop Box
Book drop Box contains a bin to carry nearly 100 books which the user returns from outside library in the absence of the library staffs and gets a detailed report on their book transaction by themselves.
Handheld Reader
Handheld Reader assists in Library Stock Reading, Shelf management, Book Searching, Identifying tags and to locate lost books within access range. Our smart phone LMS app will also be integrated in handreader helping the readers to enjoy its features too
Easy online access enables the user to track a library activity also can check the availability of books with its entire information catalogued, can renew the borrowed books online, can read online books, journals and digital books available in the library, make a user enquiry to the librarian from online itself from their mobile or from their tablet from anywhere as the shortcut access to the library is provided at your fingertips. It also make it easier to access journals and some books online from a home computer or elsewhere.
The library automation feature also allows the library a room for an improvement in the variety, amount and quality of materials of what can be existing at the library by weeding out old, outdated and irrelevant books and materials from the collection, which helps keep the library’s collection more streamlined and easier to find the right item.
Server Setup
    Automation of day to day processes at the library widens the ease of managing and makes the library look supple,tidy and attractive, thus staging the presentation of the library to perfection increasing the comfort level of the readers and staffs.