Garment-X is an innovative Software that facilitates every phase of end to end processing, from Yarn Purchase to the final product dispatch from warehouse.Garment-X is built with the Concept of Manufacturing Resource Planning with modular functions for need based implementation for multi-level production planning and calculation
WHY Garment-X?
Garment-X automates the processes of manufacturing line supplied with materials to meet incoming orders and Manages processes from knitting / Weaving / Dyeing / Production to Shipment delivery in a straight sequential flow, increasing the operational efficiencies, maximizes Cash flow and ROI.
Main Objective
We target to provide a user-friendly system that meets the evolving day to day business requirements of the garment industry and seamlessly serves all our customer demands efficiently thus enhancing the customer relationship management. Garment-X is a powerfully built ERP software system providing every detailed information of all functionalities and processed procedures in an easy access increasing the quality of services, shortens delivery times and enhances the performance rate of the company. Garment-X offers more control over system functions, services, scheduling and module wise encapsulation of data ensuring data security.
One of the most convenient instrument of our software is the Pre-costing, that deploys a mixture of standard, actual and average costing methods based on which is most appropriate for monitoring and managing costs of the products and services. the estimation of the garment making before it is adopted into execution. Pre costing analysis evaluates the revenues and expenses of the costing of a garment which cumulatively involves the individual expense for fabric, trims, cuttings, labor, overhead, sales,manufacturer’s profit & transportation costs for each garment within the limit set by the company.
  • Efficient and magnificent production plan
  • Monitors production and Sourcing orders real time.
  • Handles all kinds of textile production and all finishing processes
  • Reduces Order-cycle times and supports high volume of transactions.
  • Achieves cost control with low working Capital and saves sufficient time
  • Maintain inventories always at proper levels and reduces wastage of materials
  • Multiple branches connected through internet and hence consolidated entry
  • Raw material purchase under control,reduced wastage and overhead cost
  • Multiple conversion quantity units like meter,sqm,yards etc.
  • Automatic mails on pending work status to Management
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports on every division
  • Detailed Monthly Stock Statements, Program Balance & Production Status
  • A mandatory feature,manager approval on supervision for all major processes
  • Identifying non-moving stock, liquidating dead inventory and terminating unwanted downtime.
  • Separate module on jobwork with advanced features makes easier for incoming CMT works from other companies
  • Visual Dashboard for easy access with quick compilation of reports.
  • Chart-wise P&L Reports, Budget and Actual comparison reports
  • Sales Analysis detailed Reports for Buyer wise, Sales type wise (Export/Domestic)
  • Manages processes from knitting,Weaving,Dyeing,Production to Shipment delivery in a straight sequential flow
  • Pre-planning and budgeting for processes like Yarn & Accessories purchase, Fabric and Accessories conversion,CMT Processes etc.
Management Information System
Garment-X MIS provides a clear study on Party wise Stock for processing,outstanding statements with pending days,Lists clearly In-house Stocks with related values, requirement balance,Pending Receipts against Purchase Order, reports on bills to be received Order wise / Process wise / Department wise and payable price rate wages,Registers every entry in Purchase order,delivery, receipts, production and collectively process, store, and disseminate information in order to support the managerial role of leveraging information technology to increase business value and profits.
Dashboard in Garment-X is an easy-to-understand, visually intuitive graphical representation of key business performance metrics, easily accessed by users from a single screen. Color coded bar charts, graphs and other visual depictions of data give users a fast look at key metrics important to their functional area. Our Dashboard clearly shows exactly every functional data in dyeing,washing,knitting etc. including the pre-costing sector.Using Dashboard the user can view and track every order's progress with its related stage.
Order and planning
Order and planning is the first stage, where the main goal is for the manufacturing team to get to know the business and its processes. This phase comprises of different segments like Pre-Costing, Order & Planning,Fabric Program Entry,CMT Entry, Accessories Program Entry,Budget Entry,Budget Approval,Time and Action and also involves processes like quote to cash, procure to pay, cash management, and period closing. The entire project planning is framed after the summation of the project look favourable. Order and planning forms the base for the incoming beneficial order execution till production delivery
Material Movement
Material movements starts from the initial yarn purchase for the order chosen to be processed. Here the purchased yarn will be processed to obtain the required fabric through the processes like Knitting. Weaving, Dyeing, Bio wash, compacting and so. Here the fabric is made and will be issued to the next level along with the essential accessories relatively to the processing order. Split entry is where the converted fabrics are style wise segmented and issued to production
Book drop Box contains a bin to carry nearly 100 books which the user returns from outside library in the absence of the librarian and gets a detailed report on their book transaction by themselves.
CMT (Cutting,Making and trimming) is the first phase in the garment production frame. Here the processed fabric will be cut to different portions pattern wise under required measures in accordance with the style of the order, the Garment making undergoes many processes like Embroidering,Printing, Bonding and fusing. Value addition is done by placing the selected accessories and finally Sewing is done to join all portions of the garment style as a complete garment the final product. Finishing is done by steaming, after ironing and final inspection the produced goods are packed and shipped
Garment-X Sales module provides a fully integrated environment for entering and processing sales orders and managing the physical distribution of goods and consigned inventory. It provides visibility into all inventory locations to on-hand quantities, reserve inventory, previous commitments, scheduled receipts and other pertinent information.Customer order sales is done based on the customer requirement, it is designed, produced and delivered to them and if the company itself making its own product in their own brand name and selling in the market is the Domestic order sales. Account section in the Sales module helps to centrally track financial accounting data, analysis reports for ledgers, trail balance data, overall balance sheets and quarterly financial statements providing a wide control and integration of financial information for strategic decision making
A graphical chart is a visual presentation of data. Garment-X uses graphs and charts to convey information to the users to make sense of processed and the data being processed in an easy understandable way. Garment-X has a wide variants of graphs and charts to choose from as they provide great value serving the users as illustrative visuals with cognitive reasoning that enhances,how an evaluation has turned out and represents the set of results or patterns improving the presentation of a study in a better way. From our Charts you can view exact particulars of any particular event and when you click on any point inside, you will get another chart of what happens next. End to end sequence of charts are provided for better understanding.These graphical charts manages the reporting and tracking of the market targets of the company look simplified with visual data and comprehend statistics.
    Garment-X offers the right technology and expertise to deliver simple, yet scalable powerful solutions that solves most complex processes in Garment Manufacturing with ease where the company can align its business operations in accordance with the customer needs and the effective management of customer data can help the company to perform direct marketing and promotion activities.